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Biorevitalization is a method of skin revitalization and rejuvenation by which hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins are injected directly into the skin. This way, deep skin hydration is achieved, tone and elasticity are restored, and the skin acquires a healthy glow.

This way of hydration and rejuvenation is far more effective than expensive antiaging creams and is safe and painless.

Biorevitalizacija kože lica bolnica Aesculap

Antiaging treatments

Since there are several very similar non-surgical aesthetic treatments that are performed by injection, patients often do not know which one to choose or which one is best for them. After examining your skin, Dr Sanja Kulić, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, will precisely determine which and what kind of treatment would be the most effective for your skin. Unlike mesotherapy, where cocktails of vitamins and amino acids are primarily used, in biorevitalisation, the doctor injects a large percentage of hyaluronic acid, which is an integral part of healthy young skin. As an entry antiaging treatment, this rapid skin rejuvenation treatment is recommended for people between 35-45 years of age. For older people, it can be a preparation for more drastic aesthetic procedures.

Effects of biorevitalisation

The effects of biorevitalisation are visible very quickly, after a few days. Rejuvenating the skin with this method also helps in removing scars, freckles, enlarged pores and spots on the face. Deep hydration helps skin look fresher, younger and tighter. Biorevitalization is especially recommended for smokers and people whose face and neck skin was often exposed to the sun since this way, a healthy complexion is restored.

Non-surgical face and body treatments

hijaluronska kiselina

Hyaluronic fillers

Hyaluronic acid provides support for collagen and elastic fibers as well as other skin structures, giving it the necessary firmness and elasticity.

Lip corrections

Over the years, the lip volume decreases, the contours fade, and noticeable, finely etched wrinkles appear around the lips. We make the lips fresh and juicy again and visibly rejuvenate them.

Devojci hirurg ubrizgava botox


Botox is a purified protein produced from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. This preparation binds to specific receptors, preventing the nerve impulse transmission from the nerve to the muscle cell and thus preventing muscle contraction. It is used to remove dynamic wrinkles.