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Chemical peeling

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Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling can be done on the face, neck, hands, arms and legs.
It is effective in:

- regenerating skin damaged by aging, exposure to the sun, and air pollution
- removing fine lines and wrinkles
- reducing hyperpigmentation (dark spots, blemishes)
- reducing acne scars
- removing keratoses and other skin thickening

It is a procedure for controlled removal of damaged skin layers using a specific concentration of preparations. Depending on the type and concentration of acid used, chemical peeling can be:

- superficial
- medium
- deep

Žena na kozmetičkom tretmanu hemisjkim pilingom sa belim peškirom na glavi

Superficial peeling

Superficial peeling is relatively harmless and suitable for almost all skin types. It includes glycolic acid, which belongs to the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) group.

These acids have:

an exfoliating effect because they affect the breaking of the bonds between the cells of the skin surface, causing skin peeling

a regeneration effect because they increase the hyaluronic acid content in the dermis, causing collagen creation

a moisturizing effect, because they increase the content of mucopolysaccharides in the dermis, which have a hygroscopic effect. These properties give an effective rejuvenating appearance, so using these acids is very popular.

Other non-surgical face and body treatments

hijaluronska kiselina

Hijaluronski fileri

Hyaluronic acid provides support for collagen and elastic fibers as well as other skin structures, giving it the necessary firmness and elasticity.

Lip corrections

Over the years, the lip volume decreases, the contours fade, and noticeable, finely etched wrinkles appear around the lips. We make the lips fresh and juicy again and visibly rejuvenate them.

Devojci hirurg ubrizgava botox


Botox is a purified protein produced from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.