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Surgical oncology

Aesculap surgical hospital specializes in breast cancer, thyroid gland, as well as melanoma and skin changes surgery.

Cosmetic surgery

An excellent addition to our strong team of surgical oncologists is one of the most recognized cosmetic surgeons – Dr. Sanja Kulić.


The consultant physician for all endocrine system disorders is endocrinologist Prof. Vesna Dimitrijević Srećković, MD.

Aesculap statua

Medicine tailored to the patient's needs

The “MC Aesculap” hospital for special surgery nurtures and improves the individualized approach to patients and their illnesses – as the core principle of its work. An individualized approach to the patient has been a global trend in medicine in recent years. Still, it is slowly making its way to the doctors and their mindset, and even more slowly to the patients themselves and their perceptions.

What does the “individualized approach to the patient and their disease” mean?

This means that modern medicine accepts the truth that human diseases are not the same, even if they have the same name, so the treatment of the same disease does not have to be the same for two different people.

The powerful techniques of modern genetic analyses that allow determining hundreds of variations of different oncogenes tell us that no breast cancer is actually the same.

The same applies to all other diseases and disorders (uterine or ovarian cancer, thyroid disease, melanoma, aesthetic defects…), but also patients.

The expert team of “MC Aesculap” respects this individuality by, among other things, insisting on immunohistochemical and genetic analyzes of surgically removed tumor tissue, which most optimally adapt the patient treatment.

Prof. Nebojša Ivanović

Founder of “MC Aesculap”

Leading institution in
the field of breast surgery

Aesculap hospital is the leading institution for breast surgery in this region. Thanks to the expert team of doctors, we provide treatment that matches renowned European and world hospitals.
Aesculap hospital offers both diagnostics and treatment, all in one place. We use the latest early detection techniques and methods and internationally recognized tumor removal procedures.

You have been diagnosed with breast cancer or suspect that you have it? We know exactly how you feel and what you and your family are going through right now. Schedule an appointment and seek the opinion of our surgical oncologists.

Disease detection

The vast majority of changes in the breast are more accurately diagnosed by a clinical examination by a top specialist, high-quality mammography, and high-quality ultrasound. Magnetic resonance imaging is a useful diagnostic tool in breast diseases, provided it is used correctly. The correct diagnosis is obtained only after examining the tissue of the change under a microscope.


Establishing a diagnosis

No type of breast cancer treatment can begin without a histological diagnosis.


We believe that for a patient with suspected breast cancer, it is better to start the treatment with surgery without a core biopsy. In this case, the histological diagnosis is made during the surgery itself with a so-called "ex tempore" biopsy. The tumor is cut out in its entirety and sent for a histological examination, which lasts about twenty minutes, and after receiving the findings, a definitive surgical procedure is performed. This avoids damage to the tumor tissue and several days of waiting for histological findings. 


What is good therapy for one patient may be a poor therapeutic choice for another.


When we subtly adapt the therapy to the patient's stage, biological characteristics, disease, and personality, we definitely get better treatment results.


The secret to the success of "MC Aesculap," primarily in malignant tumor surgery, lies for the most part in respecting this principle.


The breast cancer prognosis and final outcome depend on two major parameters:

1) disease stage 

2) tumor biological characteristics.


Treatment includes hormonal therapy, cytostatics, chemotherapy, and surgical intervention.

Latest news

Information about the latest trends in the early detection and treatment of malignant diseases

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Non-surgical face and body treatments

hijaluronska kiselina

Hyaluronic fillers

Hyaluronic acid provides support for collagen and elastic fibers as well as other skin structures, giving it the necessary firmness and elasticity.

Lip corrections

Over the years, the lip volume decreases, the contours fade, and noticeable, finely etched wrinkles appear around the lips. We make the lips fresh and juicy again and visibly rejuvenate them.

Devojci hirurg ubrizgava botox


Botox is a purified protein produced from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. This preparation binds to specific receptors, preventing the nerve impulse transmission from the nerve to the muscle cell and thus preventing muscle contraction. 


Biorevitalization is a method of skin revitalization and rejuvenation by which hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins are injected directly into the skin. This way, deep skin hydration is achieved, tone and elasticity are restored, and the skin acquires a healthy glow.


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