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Magnetna rezonanca

Magnetic resonance in the diagnosis of breast diseases

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a valuable diagnostic tool in breast diseases, provided it is used following the indications.


The diagnostic advantage of magnetic resonance imaging over palpation, mammography and ultrasound is evident in cases of atypical cancer tissue presentation. For example, when cancer recurrence in the breast is suspected after surgery, that presents itself in an atypical way due to the scar, or in monitoring the effects of neoadjuvant systemic therapy – drug therapy before the tumor is surgically removed from the breast. Magnetic resonance imaging is important in cases of suspected multiple small cancers in the breast to precisely determine the presence and localization of all foci. 

The more expert the doctor is, the less often they will need magnetic resonance imaging.

Using magnetic resonance imaging in cases where it is not needed is unnecessary stress for the patient and a waste of time and money.


Like any other diagnostic tool, magnetic resonance imaging is not 100% accurate. It is important to emphasize that the diagnostic accuracy varies depending on the device’s technical qualities and the expertise of the diagnostician reading the images.